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We offer an exceptional level of professional service to you in overseeing and managing all of your business needs for Association Management (Residential and Business), Industrial, Commercial, Public and Private, Future and Current Projects, New Construction, Engineering, Consulting, Design & Development, and Asset Management that will enhance your real estate interest, protect your investment and provide peace of mind.

When it comes to Property Management and Development, allow our team to provide you with superior professional quality, our goal has always been to be the best management company not the biggest. However, by focusing on our service and extraordinary team of seasoned professionals, we have achieved steady controlled growth primarily through word of mouth recommendations from our existing clients. We take our fiduciary duty to our clients very seriously and put you, the client first.


Our talented group of webmasters have designed and structured an all-inclusive user friendly website for our clients with ease of use navigating our company information in detailed description for our comprehensive umbrella of professional services.

‘Online’ real-time payment activity and accountability is available 24 hours a day. Our select relationships with the finest financial banking institutions offer secure services ensuring every measure has been made to protect our clients during online payment activity.

This process not only is time effective; ‘Our Clients’ have peace of mind in knowing their Accounts Receivable Division is operating seamlessly with up to the moment cash-flow allowing for faster turn- around time as well as supporting precise electronic record keeping.

Empire Property Management Solutions Inc. TEAM Management approach allows us to continually provide progressive cost effective services for the day-to-day operations, a professional standard our clients have come to rely upon.

DESCRIPTION of Residential, HOA, POA, Condominium, Hi-Rise & Commercial:

Residential – Properties mostly are fee-simple, single family detached homes commonly known to be

H.O.A. – Homeowner’s Association

P.O.A. – Property Owner’s Association

The exterior home appearance as well as the owner’s plot of land is subject to restrictions set by governing documents.

Condominium – Consists of a multi-dwelling complex divided into individual units by a developer, then when each unit has been sold turns over to the Association. ‘Common areas’ are the responsibility of the Association. ‘Limited Common Areas’ include assigned parking spaces, patio, balcony and terrace and in some communities boat slips. Condominium limited common elements: Know what you’re buying.

Most people buying a condominium understand the basics – you’re buying a unit, and you have to pay monthly dues to cover the general expenses of maintaining the building, and there are common areas (in legalese – “common elements”) like the hallways and the elevators that all of the unit owners can use (in legalese, “have an undivided interest in”). But what a lot of people don’t understand is that in addition to buying the unit and the interest in the common elements, you may also be buying what is known as a “limited common element.”

A common element is normally defined as all parts of the condominium other than the units. A limited common element is a common element that is restricted for the exclusive use of one or more but less than all of the unit owners. So all limited common elements are common elements, but not all common elements are limited common elements.
Probably the easiest example of a limited common element is a parking space. Another good example would be a patio or deck.

If you’re buying a condominium unit, and you’re also getting a parking space, and that parking space isn’t being transferred separately from the unit, then the parking space is probably a limited common element.

This concept of limited common elements is one of the reasons why it’s important to read the condominium documents closely so that you know what you’re buying. You need to understand not only what the limited common elements are but also who pays for their maintenance and upkeep and whether there are any restrictions on their use.

The limited common elements associated with your unit should be described in the condominium declaration, so that is the first place you should check, and you should read the bylaws. You should also review the plat and/or plans, if possible. The plat and/or plans show the location and dimensions of the units and the common elements and are one of the documents that must be approved by the jurisdiction as part of the creation of the condominium.

To be a limited common element if they are designed to serve a single unit but located outside the unit – such as shutters, doors, windows, porches, balconies, and patios – unless the condominium documents say otherwise. So there might not be anything in the condominium documents about these items, but they are still considered to be limited common elements for particular units.
If you have any questions about this, you should ask the condominium association to confirm (in writing) that the limited common element is still assigned to your unit.

High – Rise – Tall structures used as residential and /or office buildings; are legally recorded as Condominiums. High-Rises require a larger on-site staff including: Desk Personnel, Janitorial Staff, Maintenance Staff, On-site Management Staff and Building Engineer.

Commercial – Commercial properties also legally recorded as ‘Condominiums’, not intended to be for residential use but treated in the same overall fashion.

Additional Entities – Managed and Maintained:

-Office Buildings – Hi-Rise
-Business Office Parks
-Industrial Warehouses
-Shopping Centers
-Apartment Complex

Services Offered:

-Accounting: (Estoppels/ Financial Review/ Audit/ Monthly Maintenance -Real Time/ Online Account
-Background Screening: (Landlord/Tenant/Court Records/Wanted Fugitive & Terrorist /Sex Offender / Multi-State Criminal Search/Federal Criminal Search/Experian Social Security Number Search
MVR (Motor Vehicle Records)
-Real Estate: (REO Work/ Rentals – Sale & Lease/ Walk-Thru Service/ 3-Day / 5-Day/ Evictions
-Debt Collection: (Lien/ Judgment/ Asset/ Levy/ Seizure
-Commercial / Industrial/ Residential: (Painting/ Roofing/ Masonry/ Carpentry/ Pool/ Spa/ Jacuzzi/ Lawn Service/ Landscaping / Door/ Gate and Handyman Services
-Construction Consulting/ Engineering Services/ Plumbing/ A/C/ Mechanical
-Hurricane Preparedness / Disaster Recovery

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