Residential Commercial Industrial:


Additional Entities – Managed and Maintained:

-Apartment Complexes

-Office Buildings – Hi-Rise

-Business Office Parks

-Industrial Warehouses

-Shopping Centers

-Strip Mall



-Board Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting Minutes

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Budget Meeting Minutes

Special Meeting Minutes


September 2013 – Monthly Board Meeting

August 2013 – Monthly Board Meeting

July 2013 – Monthly Board Meeting

June 2013 – Monthly Board Meeting

May 2013 – Monthly Board Meeting

April 2013 – Monthly Board Meeting

March 2013 – Monthly Board Meeting

February 2013- Monthly Board Meeting

January 2013 – Monthly Board Meeting


Payment Options

In an effort to make paying your monthly assessment effortless, Empire Property Management Solutions Inc. now offers a wide variety of convenient options to pay your Monthly Fees, Special Assessment, Clubhouse Rental, Special Requests and/or Emergency Repairs.

Monthly fees are due on the 1st of each month. Late Fees will apply AS PER THE GOVERNING DOCUMENTS, if not received in a timely fashion. Non-payment of maintenance fees may result with a lien on your property. Coupons are a courtesy. It is every owner’s responsibility to confirm their payment(s) are received and applied to their account.

Pay by Mail – Mail check and coupon to Lockbox address designated for your community.

Pay in Person – Bring Coupon and payment into any designated banking institution location.

Pay Online – Using the designated bill pay service available online. Instructions are on page 1 of your coupon book and on the website, additional fees for processing may be applied depending on which financial institution and or payment method you are using.

Setup ACH Automatic Withdrawal – Instructions are on page 2 of your coupon book.


Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations:
Rules and Regulations are available for each Community.
Enter your Log In Information: Enter Community Name, Phone Number, or Account Number.

*Download Available:
1. Coupon Book (Charges Apply)
2. Documents (Charges Apply)
3. Copy of Rules and Regulations (No Charge)

All Closings require the following three items:
1. Coupon Book
2. Documents
3. Copy of Rules and Regulations



Monthly Calendars are available for each month of Community. (Previous, Current and Future of Current Year Activity)


Newsletters Created (Charges Apply)


Annual Meetings

Annual Election Meeting and Budget Meeting


Annual Inspections

Fire / Smoke Alarm / Sprinkler System, Elevator Inspections, Pool / Spa, Emergency Lighting, Fire Extinguishers /Audit / Financial Review

Budget Meeting:

Budget Meeting Agenda

Budget Meeting Notice

Budget Meeting Mailout Package

Proposed Budget / With Reserves

Proposed Budget Without Reserves



Monthly Collections / Delinquencies

Monthly Maintenance Schedule

Monthly Meetings

Monthly Newsletters

Monthly Projects

Previous Month

Current Month

Next Month


‘Collections’ are vital in every Association. Associations alleviate their delinquency problems when proper collection procedures are in place enabling The Board of Directors to operate without the daily stress of worrying about how the next bill will be paid, primary for the success of every community.

“With our affiliate relationship with the nation’s leading provider of collection services to Community Associations, Empire Property Management Solutions Inc. can not only manage your collections we can do it at no out of pocket fees to the association. These services include underwriting of your delinquent ledgers, Certified FDCPA sent out, Skip Trace, American based and bi-lingual call center to make outbound and receive inbound calls, Credit Bureau reporting of delinquent owners, having liens placed, and defending your association in order to recover the maximum when banks foreclose. Ask about the funding program where funds can be advanced on delinquent units and bank owned units.”

We know Board Meetings can be lengthy without immediate results, kindly ask your Board if we can come and speak with them. 45 minutes, we can share with you an avenue of information. ‘Knowledge is Power’.

Association Collections are the key to a healthy future.  ‘No Collections’: equals not enough money further burdening you and the percentage of homeowners who do pay timely.

Management is key; we also consult. You do not need to change management companies; we will speak with you and your Board and answer questions.



ACC Committee, Landscaping Committee, Violation / Grievance Committee, Special Projects Committee, Safety Meeting Committee



Fire Alarm:
Hard Wire / Carbon Monoxide Alarm / Smoke Alarm / Fire Panel and Alarm Log Book(s)

Sprinkler System:
Irrigation System / Pumps and Housing / Sprinkler Heads, Timers, Zones and Maintenance Schedule for Equipment

Elevator(s):  Elevator Machine Room / Inspections / Maintenance Schedule(s)

Pool / Spa:  Annual Permit(s) / Maintenance Schedule / Pool Furniture / BBQ Area(s)

Playground:  Equipment / Maintenance Schedule of Playground Equipment and Replacement

Tennis Court(s): Decking / Netting / Maintenance Schedule and Replacement / Fencing and Lighting

Trash Chute(s):  Maintenance Schedule / Annual Inspections

Trash: Recycle Rooms / Maintenance of Equipment and Rooms / Dumpsters / Recycle Bins / Scheduled Trash Pick(s)

Emergency Lighting:  Annual Inspection / Maintenance Schedule

Fire Extinguishers:  Annual Inspection / Replacement and Marking / Cabinets / Hammers and Glass

Building Lighting:  Maintenance Schedule / Equipment Mapping and Marking / Pole Marking:

Interior / Exterior: Light Pole, Lenses and Globe Covers, Corridor, Flag, Tennis Court(s), Swimming Pool / Spa, BBQ Area(s) Playground, Electrical Meter Rooms and Outlets

Parking Lot Lighting: Entrance and Exit Area(s), Bulletin Boards

Cluster Mailbox Area(s): Maintenance and Replacement

Property Inspections: Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Annually / Maintenance / Structure – 5 Year / 10 Year / 40 Year Recertification / Life & Safety

Structural Inspections: 5 Year/ 10 Year/ 40Year Recertification


Projects Scheduled / In-Process / Completed

Cluster Mailboxes

Elevator Modernization

5 Year Structural Report


40 Year Re-certification


Locks / Re-Keying Master / Sub-Master

Main Drain Cleanout

Painting / Pressure Cleaning / Preventative Maintenance

Parking Lot Lighting to Current Code

Playground Equipment

Pool Decking

Pool / Spa Acid Wash




Fire Sprinkler / Irrigation

Storm Drain Cleaning

Window Replacement



A/C Access

Annual Fire Alarm Permit

Cable / Internet / Phone

Clicker / Remote

Corporate Annual Report

Decal / Placard


Emergency Contact Information

Fleet Vehicle Registration

Game Room

GYM Access

Key Access / Gate

Local Business Tax

Officer and Corporate Executives

Plumbing Request

Preferred Vendor / Insurance & License

Registered Agent

Resident Owner / Tenant Registration

Roof Access

Security Guards

Special Needs

Visitor Pass


User Profile

Email Address / Resident Address / Office Address

Project Location

Project Update

Unit Number / Office Suite

Account Number

Change of Owner / Update

Owner /Tenant Information / Update

Unit Availability

Gate Card

Parking Decal Request

Key Request

Directory Update

Vehicle Information Update 


Special Requests

Emergency / New Service / Repairs / Special Requests

Electrical Services / Plumbing / New & Repair ·Dry Wall / Build- out / Home Improvement / Emergency Repairs. ·Touch Up – Painting / Carpentry / Cabinets / Door and Hardware / Misc. Repairs, Metal Doors / Fire rated / 1 Hour / 3 Hour / Jams / Doorframes / Solid / Exterior. ·Preventative Maintenance Schedule / Service Contracts Available Repair / Design / Build / All Services. Fire Expert / Fire Rehab Services. Glass Windows / Impact Window / Install New / Repair / Wind Loads. Gutters / Downspouts, Straps, Elbows, New & Replacement. Lien Violation Searches. Life Safety Plans. Open Building. Permits. Legalizations of “addition’ or Violations. Zoning Variances. Hurricane Clean-Up. Hurricane Preparedness Services. Concrete Sidewalks / Driveways / L-Curbs / Approaches / Roll Curb, Valley Gutters / Storm Drains – New / Maintenance Contracts Available for Storm Drains VAC. Construction Bid Analyzation. ·Disaster Recovery. Fencing Permits / Wood Fences. General Construction Services. New Pool / Spa Equipment Installation / Construction / Repairs / Leaks / Pool Cleaning / Acid Wash / Diamond Brite Specialist / Resurfacing / BBQ / Waterfalls. Seal Coating / Concrete Driveways / Stamp Concrete.

  • ·Plumbing / New / Existing / 24 Hour Repair / Leak Detection with Cameras. Preferred Vendor List. Quality Control Bid Selections and Inspections on Work. Remodels. Renovations. Residential, Industrial and Commercial. Roofing Construction Services. Safety & Risk Management. Sewer Hook Up / Restoration / Storm Drains
  • Air Conditioning & Heating / 24 Hour Repair, Air Handlers / Air units / Boilers. Asphalt Seal Coating / Paving / Parking Bumpers / Striping / ADA. Hurricane Preparedness Services
  • · Hurricane / Storm Clean Up / Permits / Windloads Shutters (Roll- Curb) / Aluminum – Install / Repairs. Sprinkler Systems / Installations / Repairs. Preferred Vendor List.


Important Documents and Forms

Commercial / Industrial / Residential

-Permits / Drawings / Asbuilts, Management Contracts

-Office Buildings – Hi-Rise

-Business Office Parks

-Emergency Contact Information

-Industrial Warehouses

-Shopping Centers

-Apartment Complexes

-Association Documents, Rules & Regulations, Coupons

-ACH Forms

-Owner/Tenant Package: Please Note - Application documents must be filled out completely before submitting for approval prior to move-in.

-Clubhouse Reservation: Capacity, Cost, and Availability

-ACC Form Request:

Architectural Modification Request:
Approval required before any work commences interior / exterior for all material alterations to unit, including flooring and renovations. Current and valid license with certificate of insurance naming the Association as additionally insured for each vendor required. Permits, Photos and Drawings required at time of submission of ACC Form Request.

-Certificate of Appointment of Voting Representative:
This allows another person to vote on your behalf. If a unit is owned by a non married couple or a corporation, this form must be on file to identify who is responsible for voting for your unit.

-Proxy, Election Form, Meeting Agenda Item Request, Gate Card, Decal / Visitor Pass (If Applicable)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Condominium Act, Chapter, 718, F.S.
  • The Cooperative Act, Chapter, 719, F.S.
  • The Florida Mobile Home Act, Chapter 723, F.S.
  • The Florida Vacation Plan /Timesharing Act, Chapter 721, F.S.
  • The Yacht and Ship Brokers Act, Chapter 326, F.S.
  • Homeowners’ Associations, Chapter 720, F.S.

Consult with an attorney or refer to the latest edition of the Florida Statutes.

The Association – Official Records Right of Access

Management of the Association/ Rules and Regulations/Violations/Fines/ Condominium Documents/Amendment of Governing Documents/ Leasing / Rentals/ Insurance/ Adult Communities / 55 and Older Issues

The Board of Administration – includes subjects relating to: Board Member Responsibilities/Board & Committee Meetings / Notices/ Elections / Vacancies / Terms of Office of Board Members/ Recall of Board Members / Arbitration

Unit Owners, Members of the Association – includes subjects relating to: / Unit Owner Rights, Responsibilities and Restrictions/ Proxies / General and Limited/ Unit Owner Voting Rights

Financial Information – Annual Budgets/ Reserves/ Assessments/ Regular and Special/ Liens / Foreclosures/ Financial Reporting/ Miscellaneous Use of Association Funds

Division Information – Annual Fees/ Complaints/ Education Materials / Publications


Available Units / Community Association and Apartment Complexes

Association to Manage All Listings.

Please Ask Us About:  Our “Police Officer and Fireman” ‘Salute to Service’ Program


Issues and Special Requests

Please fill out the ‘Issue and Special Requests’ contact form.  Our Office provides an easy online format available 24-hours a day for your convenience.



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EMPSI High Grade Consumer Conference

Real Estate Investment Worksheet
This worksheet is designed to help evaluate potential real estate investments. It calculates the net operating income (NOI), capitalization rate (CAP Rate) and cash on cash return figures for a property. It also estimates the cost of finance to provide a cash flow summary for the investment.
Enter the monthly rental income that the property would generate if it was fully rented (i.e. no vacancies). Then estimate the annual income from other sources (e.g. a coin operated laundry or vending machines). The monthly rental income is multiplied by 12 and added to the other income to calculate the potential gross income for the property.
Next, estimate the running costs for the property. These should include an allowance for vacancies and bad debt (tenants who don’t pay their rent). These will vary depending on the expected use. A figure of 15% is reasonable for residential rental property; a seasonal vacation rental could have a vacancy rate as high as 60 or 80%. Make an allowance for repairs and maintenance. The worksheet allows you to calculate and fund a replacement reserve. Enter the estimated costs for items that typically require replacement at 3, 5, and 12 year intervals (e.g. carpet, paint, roof or furnace). The worksheet calculates how much money you have to save each year to fund your replacements. Enter annual values for maintenance, utilities, taxes, insurance and management fees.
NOI and CAP Rate

Monthly Rent
Annual Rent
Other Income
Total Gross
Vacancy %

3 Year Replacements
5 Year Replacements
12 Year Replacements
Reserve Fund
Property Taxes
Management Fees
Net Operating Income
Purchase Price
Down Payment
Closing Costs

Cash on Cash Return
CAP Rate

Enter the purchase price, down payment and closing costs then press the calculate button to generate an analysis. Alternatively, leave the purchase price blank and enter a desired CAP rate to calculate an offer price. The cap rate is calculated as the NOI/Purchase Price * 100. Compare the cap rate for your candidate property with the cap rates for comparable properties to determine whether you are paying too much for the property. A cap rate that is equal to or greater than the cap rate for comparable properties in your market is good.
Cash on cash measures the return on cash invested in property (i.e. the down payment). It shows your effective rate of interest for the cash you are investing in the property.
The following tables provide an estimate for the finance costs associated with the figures entered above. The 1st loan amount defaults to the purchase price less down payment. If all closing costs are to be included in the financing, change the loan amount to add the closing costs and enter 0 for the Closing Costs amount in the previous section. The property tax and insurance are copied from the payments entered above. The term of the 1st loan is calculated as a 30 year, fixed rate amortizing loan with an interest rate of 8%. You can modify these values as required. The form will automatically recalculate the monthly total when the values change.
1st Loan Amount


Interest Rate

Property Tax (Annual)

Insurance (Annual)

Monthly Prin + Int

Monthly Tax

Monthly Ins

Monthly Total

2nd Loan Amount


Interest Rate

Monthly Prin + Int

The final table shows annual and monthly cash flow summaries based on the calculated NOI and loan payments.
Cash Flow
Annual Monthly
Net Operating Income

1st Loan

2nd Loan

Cash Flow