“We Proudly Offer the following Professional Services”

Management Services:

  • Customer Support: Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. – “You will speak directly to a live representative”. All messages will be delivered; received ‘before and after’ regularly scheduled office hours and holidays
  • Non-Emergency messages will be returned by next business day.
  • Emergency Messages:
  • Our answering service will forward ‘All Emergency Call Messages’ immediately. The Answering Service electronically downloads all messages for time and date record.
  • Maintaining Superior Customer Service at ALL times.
  • Maintaining the highest quality of management services, including a master schedule to ensure proper preventative maintenance and regular inspections.
  • Taking great care to conform to all legal, regulatory, state requirements and statutes.
  • Accounting: Estoppels / Financial Review / Audit / Monthly Maintenance Comprehensive and extensive monthly financial reporting packages.
  • Background Screening
  • Dade Parking Enforcement Service (Towing–Ask Us About ‘Hold Harmless)
  • Security Guard Services
  • Towing Company Selection and Services
  • Vendor Contract Negotiations
  • Onsite Property Management
  • Real Estate Management Services- REO Work / Rentals Management / Sales and Lease, 3-Day / 5-Day / Evictions / Debt Collection / Lien / Judgment / Asset / Levy / Seizure
  • Office Buildings – Hi-Rise, Business Office Parks, Industrial Warehouses / Shopping Centers / Apartment Complex
  • Janitorial Services
  • Master Planned Community Property Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Single Family Home Property Management
  • Community Association Management / Community Property Inspections
  • Planned Unit Development / PUD Management / Condominium – Hi-Rise
  • Homeowner’s / HOA / Townhomes Association Management POA / Associations /
  • Timeshare Management
  • Virtual Community Association Management
  • HOA Financial Only Management / HOA Community Websites Community Newsletters


Estoppels/ Financial Review/ Audit/ Monthly Maintenance -Real Time/ Online Account All accounting services are performed with the highest standards by our own in house CPA, services offered to our valued clients.

  1. Account Receivables.
  2. Account Payables.
  3. Monthly Financials Statements:






    Audited Statements (6 Months or 12 months).
  1. General Administration.
  2. Also we offer a flat fee monthly, ask about it?

Services offered Under Our Accounting Umbrella.

  1. Account Receivables Department.


      Receipt Owner’s payment on behalf of the association.


      Processing owner’s payments and depositing monies in the association’s bank account.


      Keeping records of each individual owner’s accounts and up to date receivables ledgers.


    Collection of Past Due Accounts: At the association’s option, collection efforts on past due accounts are initiated on behalf of the Association’s. These efforts include notifying the owner in writing of past due balances and referral to the Association’s attorneys upon board of directors request.


  1. Accounts Payables Department.


      Preparation of Association’s checks for Board’s signatures.


      Record-keeping of vendors files


      Assistance with tax forms to vendors and also in tax preparation for the associations.


      We will prepare your Association’s financial statements on a monthly basis.


    We will customize your financial statement formats in a simplified manner so that they are easily understood with detailed information including the following:
  1. Financial Statements and Reports.


      Bank Statement Photocopies


      Financial Statements and Indicators.


      Bank and Reconciliation Statement.


      Budget Reports Cash Receipts.


      Cash Disbursements providing detailed information per each check by the Association


    Delinquency and Prepaid Reports.

Any Question or concern may be promptly addressed by our experienced state licensed Association Managers that are available to service your needs.

General Administration Services


      Monitoring services of employees and contractors


      Solicitation, analysis and bid comparisons of contractors needed to properly maintain and operate the property,


      as well as, negotiation of contracts of the same for executions by the Board of Directors.


      Update owner’s rosters.


      Assistance in preparing minutes of meetings.


      Executions of violation letters in behalf of board of directors.


      Preparing and mailing cancellations letters to vendors.


      Screening of new tenants and buyers.


    Prepare agendas for meetings as needed.

Background Screening

Landlord/Tenant/Court Records/Wanted Fugitive & Terrorist /Sex Offender / Multi-State Criminal Search/Federal Criminal Search/Experian Social Security Number Search, MVR (Motor Vehicle Records)

Code Violation Section

  • Code / As-Builts
  • Code Violation Inspections / Repairs
  • Collections
  • Contractor Certifications
  • Design / Build / All Services
  • Fire Expert / Fire Rehab Services
  • Glass Windows / Impact Window / Install New / Repair / Wind Loads
  • Gutters / Downspouts, Straps, Elbows, New & Replacement
  • Lien Violation Searches
  • Life Safety Plans
  • Open Building Permits
  • Legalizations of Additions or Violations
  • Zoning Variances

Construction Services

  • Hurricane Clean-Up
  • Hurricane Preparedness Services
  • Concrete Sidewalks / Driveways / L-Curbs / Approaches / Roll Curb, Valley Gutters / Storm Drains – New / Maintenance Contracts Available for Storm Drains VAC
  • Construction Bid Analyzation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Fencing Permits / Wood Fences
  • General Construction Services
  • Masonry Walls
  • Mold Removal Services
  • New Construction
  • New Deck Work / Pavers / Rock / Brick / Stone
  • New Pool / Spa Equipment Installation / Construction / Repairs / Leaks / Pool Cleaning / Acid ash / Diamond Brite Specialist / Resurfacing / BBQ / Waterfalls
  • Asphalt Seal Coating / Concrete Driveways / Stamp Concrete
  • Plumbing / New / Existing / 24 Hour Repair / Leak Detection with Cameras
  • Preferred Vendor List
  • Quality Control Bid Selections and Inspections on Work
  • Remodels
  • Renovations
  • Residential, Industrial and Commercial
  • Roofing Construction Services
  • Safety & Risk Management
  • Sewer Hook Up / Restoration / Storm Drains
  • Air Conditioning & Heating / New / 24 Hour Repair, Air Handlers / Air units / Boilers
  • Asphalt Seal Coating / Paving / Parking Bumpers / Striping / ADA
  • Hurricane Preparedness Services
  • Hurricane / Storm Clean – Up
  • Shutters / Permits / Windloads Shutters (Roll- Curb / Aluminum – Install / Repairs
  • Sprinkler Systems / Installations / Repairs
  • Preferred Vendor List

Debt Collection

Lien/ Judgment/ Asset/ Levy/ Seizure

Residential , Industrial and Commercial

Painting/ Roofing/ Masonry/ Carpentry/ Pool/ Spa/ Jacuzzi/ Lawn Service/ Landscaping/ Door/ Gate and Handyman Services


“Our Professional Services Under Our Own Umbrella”
Through Our Subsidiary Professionals Include:
Construction / Engineering & Testing / Geological Consulting
& Environmental Services

Carmelo A. Gonzalez / CEO
Licenses: State CBC 010630, CCC 1328376, and HI 6440
EMC – Division of Gilnick Enterprises Inc.
A Professional Construction Consultant & Engineering Firm
Museum Tower Building
150 West Flagler Street, Suite #1525
Miami, Florida 33130
Cell: 305.216.9566 / Office: 786.592.1046


“We Proudly Offer the Following Engineering Services”

Engineering Services

  • Licenses: State CBC 010630, CCC 1328376, and HI 6440
  • 40 Year Certifications / 10 Year Safety inspections / 5 Year Structural
  • Architect Engineering Report / Associations (Florida Statute 718.112 5yr Report Under Seal, attesting to the required maintenance, useful life and replacement cost of the common elements Reserve Study
  • Architect Engineering Reports
  • As-Built Plans / Certification
  • Building Permits
  • Building Plans and Processing
  • Certificate of Occupancy Services
  • Certificate of Use Services
  • Estimating Services
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Lighting Exterior / On-site / Off-site Parking Lot / New and Repair / Light Pole Interior / Light Pole Exterior / Flood / Security (We bring your property up to Code for the New Parking Lot Illumination Lighting Code)
  • On Staff / Civil Engineering – Licensed
  • On Staff / Mechanical Engineering – Licensed
  • On Staff / Electrical Engineer – Licensed (HVAC & Heating)
  • On Staff / HVAC – Licensed
  • On Staff / Architects – Licensed
  • On Staff / Construction Engineer – Licensed
  • On Staff / Electrical Engineer – Licensed
  • On Staff / Structural Engineer – Licensed
  • On Staff / Roofing / GC – Licensed / Quality Control Roofing – Licensed CCC
  • Roofing Inspector

“Make Sure Your Jobs Are Up-To-Code”

40 / 50 Year Certification

40/50 Year Re-certifications are required by the Miami-Dade County Ordinance No. 75-34
(Amended by Ordinance 92-1) in order to certify that the building is structurally and electronically safe for its intended use and occupancy.

Who is required to file?
-Residential Buildings –more than 3 Units (Considered Commercial) under the same Folio Number.
-ALL Commercial Buildings – The first certification is required 40 years from the date of issuance of the original Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.).
-The building must then be recertified every ten years thereafter.
-Unless there has been a total demolition of the building, ‘remodeling’ does not change the C.O. date or the recertification requirement.
-The property owner can use any licensed Architect or Engineer in the State of Florida.

  1.  Provide a list of repairs (if needed) included in the same price.
  2.  Provide IN-HOUSE structural and electrical professionals with recommendations for repairs.
  3.  Performed Inspections.
  4.  List of Satisfied Customers which can be called as a referral.
  5.  Full-time certified inspectors and full-time Professional Engineers on Staff.

5 Year Structural

Architect Engineering Report / Associations
Florida Statute 718.112 5yr Report Under Seal, attesting to the required maintenance, useful life and replacement cost of the common elements Reserve Study

Life Safety

Nontraditional use of buildings…innovative designs…new technologies, materials, and construction practices. As the built environment and societal expectations change, so do the challenges to protect people from fire and related hazards.

For protecting lives in all types of occupancies — assembly, residential, health care, industrial, and more.

-All new high-rise buildings must comply with the high-rise building package, promoting consistency in protection regardless of occupancy type.
-Revisions in health care occupancy rules foster a more comfortable, home-like environment.
-New rules for carbon monoxide (CO) alarms or detection systems in certain residential living units.
-Changes for exit stair enclosure path marking.
-Egress chapter provisions for safe use of elevators for occupant evacuation.
-Relaxation of the means of egress provisions for unoccupied building service equipment support areas.

“Peace of Mind” is not expensive, it’s “Priceless”!

Handyman Division

  • Electrical Services / Plumbing / New & Repair
  • Dry Wall / Build-out / Home Improvement / Emergency Repairs
  • Touch Up – Painting / Carpentry / Cabinets / Door and Hardware / Misc. Repairs
  • Metal Doors / Fire rated / 1 Hour / 3 Hour / Jams / Doorframes / Solid / Exterior
  • Preventative Maintenance Schedule / Service Contracts Available

Maintenance Division

  • Service Contracts Available ( Plumbing / AC / Electrical )
  • Lawn Service / Maintenance / Landscaping Renovation
  • Painting / Waterproofing / / Pressure Cleaning / Restoration / Spalding/ Structural Concrete Related Repairs / Slab Work / Stucco / Caulking / Sealant / Metal Roofs
  • Parking Bumpers / Striping
  • Preventative Maintenance Schedule


Empire can provide you with a Service Contract or Maintenance Agreement so you will not have to concern yourself with the hassle and high cost of unexpected repairs.

A/C Mechanical

Residential and Commercial

  • AC Preventative Maintenance / Air Conditioning Repair / Air Conditioning Sales
  • Decking / Concrete Driveways / Stamp Concrete
  • Doors / Firerated (3) and (1) Hour / Metal / Wood / Decorative / Ornamental / Security
  • Jams / Doorframes / Solid / Exterior / Thresholds / Locks / All Hardware
  • Fencing (Wood / Masonry / Permitting
  • Gates / Electronic and Gate Key
  • Electrical
  • Handyman Services
  • Lawn Service / Tree Trimming,
  • Mechanical
  • Pool / Spa / Jacuzzi
  • Plumbing
  • Plumbing Repair and Replacement
  • Water Heater / Standard & Tankless
  • AC Duct Cleaning / AC Preventative Maintenance / Air Conditioning Repair / Air Conditioning Sales / Stainless Steel Hoses
  • Brush/Surface clean evaporator coil (if accessible)
  • Check capacitors / Check condenser fan motor amp draw
  • Check fan motor amp draw / Check Freon level and add up to 2lbs (if needed)
  • Check temperature differential / Clean condenser coil (if accessible using customer water hose bib)
  • Examine blower wheel / Examine contactor / Examine electrical connections and repair if needed / Examine electrical disconnect box connections
  • Examine evaporator coil / Test all controls for heating and cooling
  • Test compressor amp draw / Test float switch operation (if applicable)
  • Test humidistat operation (if applicable) / Test thermostat operation and calibrate if needed
  • Test voltages on outside unit
  • Thoroughly wash air filter or replace with customer supplied filter
  • Vacuum drain line / Visual inspection of clothes washer hoses (if applicable)
  • Visual inspection of ultra violet light (if applicable) / Visual inspection of water heater (if applicable)

BASIC COVERAGE A/C Heat Pump / Condenser / A/C Heat Pump Air Handler: Blower Assemblies, Circuit Boards, Compressor, Contactor, Evaporator Fan Motor, Filter Line Dryer, Fuses in Unit, Heater, Pressure Switches, Refrigerant, Relays, Running Capacitors, Defrost Control Board, Heat Pump Fan. Breaker, Thermostat and Transformer.


All Plumbing needs: Tubs, Toilets, Bidets, Shower, Jacuzzi, Spa, Shower Stall Enclosures, Cabinetry, Vanities, Mirrors, All Tile / Stone Work / Decorative & Special Orders Including: A/C, Toilets and Toilet Seals, Flush Handles, Gaskets, Shower Heads, Drains, Faucets, Sinks, Dishwasher, Hot Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters, Shut Off Valves, Piping Etc. Heating Element, Relief valve, Reset Overload Button, Thermostat, Burner Assemblies, Gas Control Valve, Repair or Replacement of Gas Flex Line and Thermocouple. Clearing of Stoppages in Fixture Traps, Aerators, Repair of Water Pipe Leaks in Interior Walls, Copper, CPVC, PVC, up to One Inch in Diameter and Drainage Plumbing PVC up to Four Inch in Diameter , Repair or Replacement of Sink P-Traps and Piping, Replace Flapper, Fill and Flush Valve, Tank Bolts, Gasket and Handles in Two Piece toilets.

Failure to maintain equipment in good working order will result in damages and cost, if maintenance is neglected. Please check for water leaks. Everyone pays for water leaks indirectly and directly.

Our Plumbing Division includes Master plumbers, Journeyman plumbers, and Technicians, each of whom work seamlessly together in the specialized field of Plumbing. We can fix any plumbing issue as well as repair or remodel your home or building. Our Team takes great pride in taking care of our customers from pricing through project completion. Offering you the newest technology to ensure the specialized needs of your community or home are met on time and within your budget.

Empire’s attention to detail and understanding that each project, property, or job site; whether personal in your home or professionally is unique, it is what has made our reputation our Client’s have come to rely on with us.

Empire can provide you with a Service Contract or Maintenance Agreement so you will not have to concern yourself with the hassle and high cost of unexpected repairs.